RKM Missions – “Make Disciples & Do Good”

Director of Missions and Counseling Services – Matthew Kelly

Evangelism and Discipleship: The most powerful and primary means of establishing God’s Kingdom. Matthew is actively involved with raising up empowered and effective disciples of Jesus internationally.  We focus on equipping people with the skills and Spiritual gifts necessary to win people to Christ, and impact their communities. We see results! This means people giving their hearts to Christ, and stepping out to be soul winners themselves with Spiritual gifts activated (healing, prophecy etc).

Assisting Pastors and Kingdom Leaders – RKM Missions is partnering with pastors to ensure that they are funded and equipped to continue their local outreaches and churches. We are currently assisting a young man named Joel to finish his studies and go on to be a change agent for Christ in Uganda, as well as several Ugandan, Kenyan, and Haitian leaders. We believe investing in people is a long-term solution to bring positive change to regions.

Caring for Widows and Orphans in Their Distress – We have a unique approach to humanitarian aid. Though we believe in and practice supernatural healing, we realize that God also uses the medical profession. Therefore we are involved in sponsoring medical outreaches in rural villages. However, we are focusing on creating long-term solutions, such as establish an essential oil factory in Kenya, and an organic mango drink business in Haiti. These business ventures are to provide jobs for the needy, as well as create a profit to supply the needs of widows and orphans. We are believing God to build schools, training centers, and businesses.

Counseling Services – Matthew and his team have a wealth of experience in providing counseling, inner healing services, and deliverance ministry. We all go through the battle field of life, and sometimes we need the caring and insightful ministry of someone that can keep our issues private and provide an effective strategy to become more free and whole. If this sounds like you, or you feel like you could use some counseling services, we are here for you. We deal with many issues including depression, confusion, finding out what to do with your life, and so much more. We are Christ centered and Spirit empowered to bring powerful and lasting results to those motivated to change.

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